Why Are You?: Rana Daggubati’s animated comedy on YouTube

It’s the year 4048 and Rana Daggubati is all set to host an “irreverent comedy” straight from the fictional streets of Uranus with “real-ish” people as guests. The show is created by Siddhant Gandhi with Daggubati serving as the producer and will air on Daggubati’s YouTube channel, “SouthBay.Live”.

Titled Why Are You? the quirky animated comedy is being touted as the world’s most irrelevant show with trippy animated visuals fleshing out a never-seen-before concept within the Indian context.

Daggubati took to social media to announce the first episode:

According to the official description of the show, Why Are You? is an “an irreverent comedy set in a dystopian future on a fictional colony on Uranus, featuring celebrities who face threats from the “Cancel Army”.

“Celebrity host and actor Rana Daggubati, who was at the center of the storm has now gone missing. Billa, the reporter, tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together to trace Rana(s), aka Dorana.”

Actor Vijay Verma will be essaying the role of Billa, the catty reporter. The first episode will see Ram Gopal Verma answering some of the most absurd questions with comic retorts.

In one scene when asked by Daggubati if the director is taking any safety measures during the pandemic, Verma jokingly replies “not at all. I haven’t used a sanitizer, the mask or anything, because I’m basically a highly egoistic guy.”

The first episode of Why Are You? is now available for streaming on South Bay’s official YouTube channel. Check it out below:

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