Warrior Nun: Teen occult fantasy series to stream on Netflix

Combining supernatural adventure, and gothic occult fiction in a narrative of action and mystery, Netflix’s latest fantasy series, ‘Warrior Nun’ will take the viewers on a crusade against evil through a team of black-clad young nuns saving the world with their superpowers!

After a near encounter with death, Ava, a seemingly-normal 19-year-old, is resurrected back to life in a morgue. When a glowing halo appears on her back vesting in her superpowers like crumbling enemies to bits and ability to phase through solid objects, Ava realises that her resurrection was to fight for a divine order.

Becoming a part of a religious society of priests and nuns called the Order of the Cruciform Sword, Ava, along with other sister warriors Beatrice, Mary, Lilith and Camila, set out in the holy mission to save the world from evil forces and dark entities that seek to destroy the sanctity of Heaven.

Based on Ben Dunn’s comics by the same name and produced by Simon Barry’s Reality Distortion Field and Fresco Film Services, the first season of the show will have ten episodes. The episodes have been named after Biblical references. The series will star Alba Baptista in the role of the protagonist, Ava. Toya Turner, Lorena Andrea, Kristina Tonteri-Young and Tristan Ulloa play associated characters in the show.

With quality shows like The Witcher and to-be-released Cursed, Netflix has been promising when it comes to the genre of fantasy. With Ava balancing both her normal and nun life together to destroy the evil forces seeking to conquer, Warrior Nun will be worth keeping an eye out for. The series starts streaming on Netflix from July 2.

Check out the official trailer here:


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