Voot’s 12 thrilling short films under the ‘Shortcuts’ label

Voot’s 12 original short films with dark, twisted, and thrilling storylines are available on the platform. These films star talented artists of the industry which makes for one of their best-selling points.

They feature actors like Kirti Kulhari, Mona Singh, Akshara Haasan, Shiv Pandit among others in the project.

All these 12 Voot shortcuts are produced by Tipping Point Films who have produced web series like Taj Mahal, Jamtara, and SHE for Netflix.

Originally released in 2019, Voot posted a reminder for the audience to enjoy these films during lockdown.


These short films are an intense mix of drama, suspense and dark plots. The following is the list of movies that Voot is offering:

Maya is the story of a young independent working woman living with her mother in Mumbai and suffering from incontinence.

Bouma revolves around a couple living their ordinary lives in the 1960s, in Kolkata. The nagging husband is diagnosed with cancer, and after he passes away, the wife decides to donate his organs to his scientist buddy. What she does with the still-conscious head of her husband after death culminates in a climax which is both funny and grim.

Grey follows a peculiar suspicion of a murder, an investigation between an autistic man and a puerile cop.

What happens when unusual incidents take place at a household when a ten-year-old boy enters the family is what Red Velvet is about.

Glitch is a one of a kind tale of time travel.

Ishq Ki Googly is a tale of a husband who is trying to kill his wife’s lover. However, things get bizarrely out of control, forcing him to play this love game.

An Unusual Day details the problem faced by a photographer against a tribal man who lacks wisdom due to the dearth of human interaction.

Derma is the story of a man whose life turns upside down after he gets a tattoo made by a mystical man in the mountains. The intriguing saga is a unique take on the circle of Karma.

Joyride is about a road trip that takes Raunak on an unusual journey in the midst of the wilderness, ignoring the dangers of a threatening folktale that his friend has warned him about. What follows is a brilliant story of the unexpected.

Chacha and Cheetah’s trip take the protagonists on an adventure of a lifetime. It is a story of two marijuana enthusiasts who after smoking the mythical and legendary windmill joint take a crazy trip.

Teaspoon details a series of incidents which become ingredients for a Molotov cocktail that results in a disturbing end.

On the road is a story with unusual coincidences happening on Aravind’s night drive on his way home.

Check out Voot’s Trailer for Shortcuts:

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