Vinterviken: Mats Wahl’s novel set to be adapted for Netflix

Mats Wahl’s 1993 novel ‘Vinterviken’ to be given a contemporary reinterpretation as a Netflix film. The OTT platform, on April 23, announced the reincarnation of the novel into a film set in 2021. 

Vinterviken has been previously adapted into a big-screen film in the 90s. And its ‘timeless theme: Love beyond social status and class’ has enabled it to be moulded into a modern-day remake.

The 1993 novel accounts a young black man John-John’s love for a young Elisabeth from an opulent family. 

Set in Stockholm, the contemporary adaptation will be about two teens from radically different socio-economic background falling in love at the same high-school. 

Two Stockholm teens from very different economic, class and cultural backgrounds fall in love in this new adaptation of Mats Wahl’s novel.

Netflix Synopsis

The director, Alexis Almström, and the producers -Filmlance International, of the Endemol Shine Group, Teresa Alldén and Sveriges Television- are thrilled to share “this hopeful story about young lovers breaking class barriers and social constructs to be with another with the global Netflix audience”.

The screenplay for the Swedish-romantic film will be written by Love Revisited’s Dunja Vujovic.

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