‘Vikings: Valhalla’ renewed for 2 more seasons by Netflix

‘Vikings: Valhalla’ is a historical drama that revolves around some of the most iconic warriors in Viking history and their journey towards England in search of revenge for their fallen brothers.

Netflix has announced that the hit series will be renewed for a second and third season with lead actors, Leo Suter, Frida Gustavsson, and Sam Corlett set to reprise their roles for the same.

Season 1 saw King Canute (Bradley Freegard) band together with Vikings from all over to take revenge on the English for their hand in the St Brice’s Day massacre. There also existed the threat of in-fighting due to religious differences between the pagans and Christian Vikings.

All this came to the fore at the end of the first season as Olaf Haraldsson (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson) had just taken over Kattegat but sees his reign as short-lived with the arrival with King Canute’s navy led by the king’s father.

Talking about the renewal, the show’s creator, showrunner and executive producer, Jeb Stuart, stated: “Thank you to the millions of you who have watched (and rewatched!) Season 1. The numbers have been mind-boggling and beyond my wildest expectations. I’m thrilled to be able to confirm that we wrapped and are already editing Season 2, and that production will start soon on Season 3.”

Vikings: Valhalla Season 1 ranked No. 1 on the Netflix Top 10 for the week of 2/28, with almost 114 million hours viewed. The series is a spin-off of the historical drama ‘Vikings’ that first aired on The History Channel and is set 100 years before the events of ‘Vikings: Valhalla’.

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