Vikings censored on Netflix for Indian audience

The Norse-based show, Vikings, is in the news because of Netflix India’s additonal censorship on it. The show which contains scenes of nudity, violence and in some circumstance, meat being served, have been blurred in the Indian version as reported by viewers.

The series is a tale of a legendary Norse warrior who goes on to lead a tribe of Vikings. The show’s ratings on IMDB speaks for its quality which is a solid 8.5.

Netflix’s move to release the televised cut of Vikings for the Indian audience was considered a strategic move to get more reach in the country as it had a dub in Hindi. However, adding censorship has made viewers ask questions about this decision on Twitter.

Twitter user @AroonDeep also shared a tweet with Netflix’s response on the matter:

This is not the first time the digital platform has specifically censored content for Indian audience.

Angry Indian Goddesses also premiered after going through censorship in India but the movie released without any cuts on Netflix in other countries. The producer of the film, Gaurav Dhingra, told MEDIANAMA that Netflix asked for a censored version of the film.

The platform also requested Hasan Minhaj to not show the map of Jammu & Kashmir on his show, Patriot Act, as it risked legal issues. Furthermore, Netflix had backed down from buying rights to a film titled Sexy Durga to avoid any criticism from Hindu Viewers.

The streaming giant has always taken precautions to prevent their content from hurting viewer sentiments and Vikings is another example for the same.

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