Upload Season 2: Release date, cast and trailer

‘Upload’ season 2 is a Sci-Fi comedy series, set in a futuristic world where people have discovered a means to control the afterlife by uploading themselves into the digital realm.

Release date

Upload season 2 is set to premiere on March 11, 2022, on Prime Video.

Cast and creators

  • Robbie Amell
  • Andy Allo
  • Allegra Edwards
  • Zainab Johnson
  • Kevin Bigley
  • Paulo Costanzo
  • Mackenzie Cardwell

Directed by: Greg Daniels.

Written by: Greg Daniels.


“In Upload Season Two, Nathan is at a crossroads in his (after) life… his ex-girlfriend Ingrid has unexpectedly arrived to Lakeview hoping to strengthen their relationship, but his heart still secretly yearns for his customer service angel Nora. Meanwhile, Nora is off the grid and involved with the anti-tech rebel group “The Ludds.” Season Two is packed with new near-future concepts, including Lakeview’s newest in-app digital baby program called, “prototykes,” and other satirical glimpses of the technological advances and headaches to come.”

Other details

Greg Daniels is most renowned for his work on The Office, Park and Recreation, and Saturday Night Live, among other series. Daniels and Howard Klein serve as executive producers.


Nathan’s heart looks to be more conflicted than ever since his ex-girlfriend Ingrid has uploaded to Lakeview to be with him. He’s with Ingrid but always thinking about how lovely his customer service angel Nora is, which she can hear owing to some unsettling new technology. Nora, on the other hand, isn’t just sitting there watching Nathan and Ingrid flirt.

As it switches to Nora kissing Royal Pains, she tells Nathan that she is seeing someone as well. Ingrid tackles motherhood with the help of a “prototyke”, an in-app digital baby with the A.I. Guy’s face; Luke and his angel Aleesha have a boisterous tennis match, and Nathan contemplates bicep inflation.

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