Undercover season 2 coming soon to Netflix

Netflix, via a press release, announced the release date for season 2 of its crime series, Undercover. It will star Frank Lammers, Anna Drijver, Elise Schaap, and Tom Waes and will premiere on September 6 on the platform.

The story picks up from a year after the events of the first season. Kim, who now works for a human rights NGO, furthers her investigation into illegal arms trade in Syria with a little help from her old co-worker, Bob. She is led to a horse riding ranch in the Belgian countryside which goes by the name of El Dorado.

Bob puts on his undercover boots and tries to get into the inner circle of arms dealing brothers, Laurent and JP Berger. Also, Ferry Bouman is desperate to uncover the true identities of Kim and Bob from within prison. Furthermore, Bob’s daughter, Polly too wants to know her father’s reality.

Talking about the show, Frank Lammers said:

Ferry is back, so watch out! The second season is even more exciting, with new characters and storylines. I can’t wait for the fans to see it.

According to the press release, a lot of exciting new characters will be introduced in season 2 as well. Lina Brouneus, Director of Co-Production & Acquisition at Netflix said:

Undercover season one was such a breakthrough success, we knew the fans needed more. We are therefore enormously proud that, together with De Mensen and VRT,  we are bringing back this outstanding Flemish-Dutch co-production. All fans can finally mark September 6th in their calendars

For further updates on Undercover season 2, watch this space.

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