Under the Queen’s Umbrella: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Under The Queen’s Umbrella is a Korean historical drama series based on Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong’s struggles and endeavours to make her troublemaker princes worthy of the crown. 

Release date

Under the Queen’s Umbrella will be released on 15 October 2022 on Netflix.

Cast and creators

  • Kim Hye-Soo as Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong
  • Choi Won-Young as King Lee Ho
  • Kim Hae-Sook as King Lee Ho’s mother
  • Bae In-Hyuk as Crown Prince 
  • Moon Sang-Min as Prince Sungnam 

Directed by Kim Hyeong-Sik

Written by Park Ba-Ra


“Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong, a highly driven and spirited woman, gives up protocol and breaks all barriers to raise her princes and construct them into fine men who must prove themselves worthy enough to reign over the kingdom of Joseon.”

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Other details

The Queen’s character is played by Kim Hye-Soo, a well-known actress for her work in The Hypnotized (2004), Tazza: The High Rollers (2006) and The Red Shoes (2005). 


This period drama throws light upon two major aspects of the protagonist – a queen and a mother. A queen, who must protect the royal decent from outside competitors and a mother, who questions her children’s upbringing and her ability to transform and protect them.

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