TVF’s Corona Conversation with Dad spreads much needed awareness

The Viral Fever (TVF) has released a new YouTube video titled Corona Conversation with Dad featuring Gajraj Rao and Jitendra Kumar.

It is an addition to their famous ‘Conversations with Dad’ series and aims to spread awareness about the Coronavirus pandemic.

The almost eight minute long clip has been shot as a video call between father (Rao) and son (Kumar) in which Jeetu tries to expunge all misconceptions about the situation that his father has.

The conversation begins with Kumar explaining the dangers of stepping out during lock-down as people who may be infected would not know about it due COVID-19’s prolonged incubation period and infect many others.

He further addresses the dangers of following fake news circulating on social media as this may convince people that certain home remedies can get rid of the virus. After understanding the seriousness of the situation, Rao panics and talks about certain death.

Kumar uses this behaviour to promote the “no panic” approach required to get through these times. He mentions that in majority of the cases, people do recover if they cooperate with the medical authorities and undergo proper treatment.

TVF though the video also explains that the real danger is not that the disease is fatal (which it is not), instead if it spreads like wildfire then there may not be enough hospital beds, resources, facilities and man-power to treat huge numbers of patients resulting in their potential death.

There is also a message by many familiar TVF creators and actors towards the end of the video requesting viewers to take the Government’s instructions very seriously and follow the 21 day lock-down.

Stay safe, stay home and check out Corona Conversation with Dad here:

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