TVF raises $2 million for content expansion

Indian media platform TVF $2 million from Mumbai-based venture debt firm ‘BlackSoil’. The company will be using the funds for its working capital requirements to produce web series and other content for its clients that include both brands and OTT platforms.

BlackSoil had earlier provided venture debt to TVF in 2019, and the two are now renewing their partnership.

“We have a great pipeline of shows for the next couple of years to meet the increasing demand of quality content from the audiences. This debt raise is going to help us deliver this pipeline and fully take advantage of the OTT boom. We are extremely excited to renew our partnership with BlackSoil,” said TVF President Vijay Koshy.

TVF is an Indian video on demand and over-the-top (OTT) streaming service and YouTube channel started by TVF Media Labs. It makes content for Amazon Prime, Netflix as well as its own channels. Popular TVF hits include ‘Kota Factory,’ ‘TVF’s Aspirants,’ ‘Tripling,’ and so on. TVF’s Youtube channel has 10 million subscribers.

Earlier this year, it announced a string of shows for various platforms.

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