TVF announces 2021 web series lineup, fan favourites return

The Viral Fever (TVF) has announced its web series slate for 2021, with some of its most popular shows getting a sequel.

The clip includes titles that have already released this year, including Gullak 2, College Romance 2 and Girls Hostel 2.

It also has a mix of content from different parts of the country; North, South and central. TVF has been looking to expand into different regions after announcing the Telugu remake of Permanent Roommates, ‘CommitMental‘.

One of 2019’s biggest hits, Jitendra Kumar and Mayur More starrer Kota Factory will be getting a sequel this year.

Kumar’s acclaimed rural comedy on Amazon Prime Video ‘Panchayat’, which came out last year, will also return.

The end of the clip teases the comeback of TVF Pitchers, which aired back in 2015. Viewers have been anticipating season 2 of the web series for years, which had faced a halt, with no word of a return.

Here’s the full lineup clip:

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