Triptii Dimri on ‘Qala’: “My character was built from age 5”

During a recent press conference, Triptii Dimri, the lead actor in the upcoming Netflix film ‘Qala’ talked about building up her character from childhood.

She said: “Anvitaa (director) and I built the character from the age of 5, which is what we did for Bulbbul and we followed the same process here.

“We built the backstory from the age of 5 until the age that is in the script so that I know everything about the character that I’m playing and that I know myself, and I think that’s very important because it really helps me understand my characters better.”

Dimri portrays a playback singer during the 1930s in the film, whose past threatens to unravel all her success. Her relationship with her mother is a catalyst for her downward spiral.

Apart from Dimri, ‘Qala’ stars Swastika Mukherjee, Amit Sial and Babil Khan in key roles. It is set to release on December 1 on Netflix.

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