Tribes of Europa on Netflix: German sci-fi thriller series

Netflix has come out with its New Year’s gift for all Dark lovers. It recently launched the teaser of upcoming German sci-fi web series ‘Tribes of Europa’.

The series is scheduled for a release on February 19. The lead roles are played by Henriette Confurius (Liv), Emilio Sakraya (Kiano) and David Ali (Elja). The trio sets out to change the destiny of this new Europa.

The story showcases the revolutionary era of 2070 when the continent has been split into several skirmish tribal states. While combating for control, the three siblings are caught in conflict after coming across a cracked ship and a mysterious ‘cube’.

The six-part web series is directed by Philip Koch along with Florian Baxmeyer. W&B Television, the same production team of Dark web series, has worked on it.

Check out the trailer for Tribes of Europa:

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