Titletown High on Netflix: Chronicles of Valdosta Wildcats High

Netflix has released the trailer for Season 1 of its 8 episodes football docuseries ‘Titletown High’. It will premiere on Netflix on August 27.

‘Titletown High’ is a football docuseries that follows the excursions of the Valdosta Wildcats Football team and their coach, Rush Propst, as they look to do big in Georgia town where football is the closest thing to religion.

The series will follow the lives of the players as they tackle romance, rivalries and life while vying for a title.

The series has been created by Jason Sciavicco who is also credited with creating another series (Two-a-days on MTV) that followed the life and story of Rush Propst, the infamous coach.

The series will tell the story of Jake Garcia, Amari Jones, Grayson Leavy, and Jacarious Peak.

Check out the trailer:

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