Thunder Force on Netflix: Octavia Spencer, Melissa McCarthy led action-comedy

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming action-comedy, ‘Thunder Force’. The movie will stream on the platform from April 9.

Thunder Force is a story of two alienated best friends Emily and Lydia, played by Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy respectively, with super-powers.

The trailer gives a glimpse of how Lydia visits Emily who is developing a genetic platform to give superpowers to ordinary people. Emily warns Lydia against touching anything in the lab, who doesn’t abide and accidentally injects herself with the super-strength solution.

The next scene shows Emily with her invisibility powers. Both the girls get on the mission to fight crime. The short glimpse of the movie also show the arrival of villain, The King, played by Bobby Cannavale. The girls unite together to defeat him.

The movie is directed by Ben Falcone and produced by Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy, and Marc Platt.

Check out the trailer:

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