‘The Year Earth Changed’ on Apple TV+ views natural life during pandemic

Apple TV+ has launched the trailer for ‘The Year Earth Changed’, a documentary series on the unforeseen improvement in the natural world during the global pandemic.

While the deadly COVID-19 virus has confined the wide population to stay home, it has caused some brilliant positive changes to our planet. Birds and animals return to their once lost habitat and the Himalayas are made visible from nearby locations by clearing of the skies for the first time in years. ‘The Year Earth Changed’ makes detailed commentary on these positive changes.

It is narrated by popular broadcaster and natural historian David Attenborough. His narrations are present in various shows about nature such as ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Our Planet’.

As per the official announcement:

“The smallest changes in human behavior – reducing cruise ship traffic, closing beaches a few days a year, identifying more harmonious ways for humans and wildlife to coexist – can have a profound impact on nature.”

The documentary series is produced by the natural history unit of BBC Studios and directed by Tom Beard. ‘The Year Earth Changed’ is set to stream on Apple TV+ from 22 April.

Watch the trailer:

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