Prime Video’s ‘The Wheel of Time’ gets new 360 experience trailer

Amazon Prime Video has released a 360 experience with a unique trailer for its upcoming epic fantasy series, ‘The Wheel of Time’. The trailer is filled with words, motifs, and images from the show.

Based on author Robert Jordan’s novel series of the same name, ‘The Wheel of Time’ is Amazon Prime Video’s latest epic fantasy series. The platform has released a 360 experience along with the trailer on YouTube which is filled with various symbols, words, and images from the show.

‘The Wheel of Time’ will follow the journey of Moiraine Damodred (Rosamund Pike), a member of the Aes Sedai — a powerful group of women who can use magic. She leads a group of five young men and women from the small town of Two Rivers on a treacherous, world-spanning journey.

These five people need to choose whether to trust Moiraine and each other before the Dark One breaks out of his prison and the Last Battle begins. Moiraine believes one of them might be the reincarnation of the Dragon, an individual who can tip the scales between Light and Dark forever, thereby either saving the world or destroying it.

The 360 experience also comes with several visual images and characters from the show such as the symbol of the Aes Sedai, the face of the Dark One, Myrddraall and Trollocs. There are also numerous names and phrases written in the Old Tongue like Shaidar Aan which means the Dark One, and Mordero daghain pas duente cuebiyar which means Fear of Death will not grip my heart.

While the 360 experience doesn’t offer much more information than the trailer alone, it does help a lot in setting the world, the tone, and the scene before we get to immerse ourselves into the show.

The Wheel of Time will stream from November 19, 2021.

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