The Weeknd X DAWN FM Experience: Release date and teaser

R&B artist The Weeknd to unveil brand new theatrical performance event on Prime Video, showcasing his latest album DAWN FM.

Release Date

The fifth studio album by The Weeknd is set to premiere as a theatrical performance on February 26, 2022 on Prime Video.


“The Weeknd partners with Amazon Prime Video to release an immersive performance event of DAWN FM, the sequel to his 2020 album, After Hours.”

Other details

The artist has suggested the possibility of the two albums being a part of a trilogy.


The scene opens with a pitch-black outdoor setting, with the singer, aka Abel Tesfaye, clad in his striking old man persona. He is seen stumbling around, somewhat dazed with sounds of police sirens and city noise enveloping the background.

The footage progresses into the next phase by following The Weeknd into a club, music initially muted, slowly growing louder. He then appears to be thrust into the spotlight and proceeds to lose consciousness after a slight reaction of shock.

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