The Society: Netflix releases teaser trailer for thrilling new series

Netflix’s has released a teaser trailer for new series The Society, which is a modern take on the Nobel-prize winning book  Lord of the Flies. The show will premiere on May 10th.
In the show, a group of teenagers struggle to survive after they’re mysteriously transported to a replica of their wealthy town with no trace of their parents. It focuses on ideas of survival and how humans form social alliances to do so.

It falls under the Young Adult genre and will have 10 episodes written by Chris Keyser and directed by Marc Webb of The Amazing Spiderman fame.

Keyser spoke to Teen Vogue and said: “I love the question that novel asks: if we are left to our own devices, will human beings find a way to co-exist or slide toward chaos? The Society‘s take on that is to pose the question, not in the world of children — or full-grown adults — but to a group of young men and women who are at that exact moment in their lives when they become responsible for their own destinies. It’s as if adulthood, with all its risks and opportunities — and in its most extreme form — arrives overnight.”
The cast includes young rising stars like Kathyrn Newton (POKÉMON Detective Pikachu), Gideon Aldon (Blockers), Rachel Keller (Legion), Jacques Colimon, Olivia DeJonge, Alexa Fitzalan, Kristine Froseth, Jose Julian and many more.
Watch the trailer below.
Image source: screen grab from Netflix

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