The One That Got Away: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

The One That Got Away is an upcoming reality series following six contestants peering into their past to find their soulmates.

Release date

The series will start streaming on Prime Video on June 24.

Cast and creators

  • Betty Who
  • Vince Xu
  • Jeff Perla
  • Nigel Sydnor
  • Kasey Ma
  • Ashley Algarin
  • Allyssa Anderson

Produced by Amazon Studios and Fulwell 73


“It may seem like an impossible feat to track down The One That Got Away, but for these lucky singles, that dream becomes a reality. In this time-traveling, experimental dating series hosted by pop-icon, singer/songwriter Betty Who, six people searching for their soulmates are given the chance to explore a lifetime of missed connections as one by one, people from their pasts enter through “The Portal” to surprise them and take their shot at love.” 

Other details

The first season of The One That Got Away is produced by Amazon Studios and Fulwell 73 with Elan Gale as the showrunner and an executive producer along with Gabe Turner and Caroline Roseman.


Hosted by singer-songwriter Betty Who, the show gives six contestants a second shot at the romances they missed out on. Potential lovers, that had previously slipped through their fingers because of poor timing, make their entrance through a portal, surprising the contestants. Reunited, they try to reconnect and explore any chances of finding love together. When the portal opens once more, bringing a second wave of lost possibilities, the tension rises.

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