The Marked Heart renewed for second season, Netflix announces

Netflix has renewed the Colombian thriller drama, The Marked Heart for a second season. The series first premiered on Netflix on April 20, 2022.

The show stars Michel Brown as Simón, Margarita Muñozas as Valeria, Ana Lucía Domínguez as Camila, Sebastián Martinez as Zacarías, Valeria Emiliani as Samantha, Juan Fernando Sánchez as Sarmiento, and Moisés Arizmendi as Mariachi.

Netflix announced the second season by releasing a compilation video of the cast members speaking about how they have been getting enormous messages and appreciation.

The Marked Heart is a thrilling story about Simón, whose wife was killed and her heart transplanted to a rich man’s wife, Camilla. Revenge-thirsty Simón enters the dangerous world of organ trafficking to find out his wife’s murderer.

Diving deep into the critical quest, Simón meets Camilla and falls in love with her. But soon, both of them find out that Camilla has Valeria’s heart and events take an unexpected turn.

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After gaining global popularity, The Marked Heart remains in the top 10 Netflix shows in more than 68 countries. 

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