The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House: Release date, cast, synopsis, teaser & more

Netflix’s ‘The Makanai’ follows two friends as one of the trains to become a Maiko in the Geisha district while the other one becomes a cook also known as Makanai.

Release date

The Makanai will premiere on January 12, 2023, on Netflix.

Cast and creators

  • Nana Mori
  • Natsuki Deguchi
  • Aju Makita
  • Keiko Matsuzaka
  • Ai Hashimoto
  • Mayu Matsuoka
  • Takako Tokiwa
  • Kairi Jyo
  • Momoko Fukuchi
  • Kotoko Wakayanagi
  • Kotona Minami
  • Lily Franky
  • Yukiya Kitamura
  • Toshinori Omi
  • Kanji Furutachi
  • Keiko Toda
  • Kayoko Shiraishi
  • Arata Iura

The series is directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, Megumi Tsuno, Hiroshi Okuyama, and Takuma Sato.

Official synopsis

“After graduating from junior high school, 16-year-old Kiyo leaves her home of Aomori and heads to Kyoto with her friend Sumire with dreams of becoming a beautiful maiko (apprentice geisha). However, she is told she is not suited to being one. As a tearful Kiyo is about to return to Aomori, her skill for cooking is discovered and she is hired as a makanai, a cook for a house where maiko live together. During this time, Sumire rapidly grows into a beautiful maiko and becomes famous along the streets of the traditional Gion town. The beautiful, fun, and delicious days of a makanai and a maiko start here.”

Other details

The series is based on a popular comic novel by Koyama Aiko serialized in 2016 through Weekly Shonen Sunday under the title Maiko in Kyoto: From the Maiko House.


The trailer follows two friends at the maiko house set in the geisha district of Kyoto where they tell the stories of their daily lives while cooking delicious food.

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