The Low Tone Club: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

‘The Low Tone Club’ is a Colombian comedy-drama streaming television series that follows a teacher’s struggles to teach music to a new class of students.

Release date

‘The Low Tone Club’ will premiere on November 30th, on Disney+

Cast and creators

  • Carlos Vives as Amaranto Molina
  • Julián Arango as Eduardo Kramer
  • Catalina Polo as Martina
  • María Fernanda Marín as Lala
  • Manuela Duque as Roxana
  • Salomé Camargo as Cami
  • Elena Vives as Amalia
  • Brainer Gamboa as Romario
  • Kevin Bury as Pa-Pi-Yón
  • Gregorio Umaña as Raphaelo
  • Pitizion as KJ
  • Juan Manuel Lenis as Peter
  • Juan Camilo González as Dardo
  • Juanse Diez as Pablo
  • Sharik Abusaid as Lina
  • Melanie Dell’Olmo as Sara
  • Juan Diego Panadero as Panchito
  • Giseth Mariano as Minerva
  • Deisy Mariano as Mariana
  • Zoila Mariano as Mona
  • Luis Fernando Salas as Ocampo

The series is directed by Jorge Navas.


“The series revolves around Amaranto Molina, an unconventional music teacher, who teaches at a school that specializes in music education. This series has a musical-comical setup for its theme. It focuses on the teacher-student bonds, with ‘good over evil’ outlook.”

Other details

‘The Low Tone Club’ features award-winning Colombian singer Carlos Vives as the music teacher.


The trailer begins with Amaranto Molina being late due to traffic, yet finding music amidst the sounds around him. Followed by this scene, the plotline is slowly unfolded; a music teacher, who plunges into a musical journey with his students.

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