The Low Tone Club: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

‘The Low Tone Club’ is a Colombian comedy-drama streaming television series that follows a teacher’s struggles to teach music to a new class of students.

Release date

‘The Low Tone Club’ will premiere on November 30th, on Disney+

Cast and creators

  • Carlos Vives as Amaranto Molina
  • Julián Arango as Eduardo Kramer
  • Catalina Polo as Martina
  • María Fernanda Marín as Lala
  • Manuela Duque as Roxana
  • Salomé Camargo as Cami
  • Elena Vives as Amalia
  • Brainer Gamboa as Romario
  • Kevin Bury as Pa-Pi-Yón
  • Gregorio Umaña as Raphaelo
  • Pitizion as KJ
  • Juan Manuel Lenis as Peter
  • Juan Camilo González as Dardo
  • Juanse Diez as Pablo
  • Sharik Abusaid as Lina
  • Melanie Dell’Olmo as Sara
  • Juan Diego Panadero as Panchito
  • Giseth Mariano as Minerva
  • Deisy Mariano as Mariana
  • Zoila Mariano as Mona
  • Luis Fernando Salas as Ocampo

The series is directed by Jorge Navas.


“The series revolves around Amaranto Molina, an unconventional music teacher, who teaches at a school that specializes in music education. This series has a musical-comical setup for its theme. It focuses on the teacher-student bonds, with ‘good over evil’ outlook.”

Other details

‘The Low Tone Club’ features award-winning Colombian singer Carlos Vives as the music teacher.


The clip begins with Amaranto Molina being late due to traffic, yet finding music amidst the sounds around him. Molina is a music teacher tasked with helping the Low Tones, a group of students considered to be lacking in musical talent.

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