The Longest Night: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

The Longest Night is a Spanish psychological crime thriller surrounding an intelligent killer who has plans that the police cannot predict or prove.

Release date

The Longest Night will be released on Netflix on July 8.

Cast and creators

  • Alberto Ammann
  • Fran Berenguer
  • David Solans
  • César Mateo
  • Luis Callejo
  • José Luis García Pérez
  • Adolfo Fernández
  • Roman Rymar

Created by: Óscar Pedraza

Written by: Xosé Morais, Victoriano Sierra Ferreiro


“When everything that matters is at risk, your values disappear and even your worst enemy can become your best ally. Chaos, action, and mystery will seize the prison of Monte Baruca”

Other details

The series will consist of six episodes.


A murderer is arrested and taken into custody. But, the night is long as several plans unfold despite the man being in captivity. Eventually, he is able to con the police and secure his freedom.

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