The King: Netflix drops final trailer for Timothée Chalamet drama

Netflix has officially released the final trailer for ‘The King’, their film adaptation of several plays from Shakespeare’s Henriad.

The film, starring Timothée Chalamet in the lead role, has been released at select theatres but will premiere on Netflix on November 1.

The King has Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet playing the lead role as famous and controversial monarch Henry V – on whom the epic is based on.

The cast also includes Joel Edgerton as the Shakespeare character Falstaff, Ben Mendelsohn as Henry’s father – Henry IV, Robert Pattinson as Louis – one of the sons of King Charles VI of France, and Lily-Rose Depp as Henry’s wife, Catherine.

The film takes place as Henry IV passes away, and Henry V is forced to take up the throne at a very ripe age and during a time of political strains. The King will put a modern spin on Shakespeare’s Henry IV and Henry V in the 15th century.

“Already I can feel the weight of this crown I wear,” Timothée says as Henry V says with scenes of war, bloodshed and executions playing out in the background of the trailer.

As mentioned before, the film has already been released at select theatres and reviews are mixed with remarks about the movie ranging from David Michod’s comment “adaptation of Shakespeare marks a return to his strengths as a dramatist” (ABC) to “The King does an admirable job of illustrating that war is hell” (Vox).

The movie is produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment. It is written by Joel Edgerton and directed by acclaimed director, David Michod.

Watch the final trailer below:

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