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The Journalist: Netflix to adapt famous Japanese film

Netflix is all set to produce The Journalist, a web series which will be released on the streaming platform in 2021. It is an adaptation of the 2019 Japanese drama film of the same name.

The web series will star Ryoko Yonekura in the titular role of Anna Matsuda, a journalist whose sole aim in life is to bring forth the truth.

The Journalist will be directed by Michihito Fujii, who was also the director of the namesake film which went on to win three Japan Academy Prizes including Picture of the Year, Outstanding Performance by an Actor as well as Actress in a Leading Role.

It will be jointly planned and produced by Netflix and Star Sands. The latter had also produced the film, which was a tremendous hit with the audience.

The plot of the show will revolve around the protagonist, Anna, a Toto newspaper reporter who will be confronting the political crimes and scandals that plague modern Japanese society. She is a fearless reporter, a nonconformist who will go to any lengths to ensure that truth always wins.

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