‘The Innocent’ on Netflix portrays redemption from crime

Netflix has released the trailer for Spanish thriller miniseries ‘The Innocent’. Based on a novel of the same name, written by Harlan Coben, it stars Mario Casas, Alexandra Jiménez, Aura Garrido and José Coronado in the lead roles.

‘The Innocent’ centres on Mateo Vidal (Mario Casas), who had previously accidentally killed a man in a brawl. He attempts to start his life from a scratch, with his wife Olivia (Aura Garrido).

The series is directed by Oriol Paulo, who is known for crime thrillers such as ‘The Body’ and ‘The Invisible Guest’.

The events in the story lead Mateo to delve into the journey of proving himself innocent in a murder case and finding out the real culprits. ‘The Innocent’ is set to release on 30 April.            

Catch the trailer:

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