Netflix announces premiere date for ‘The Girl in the Mirror’

‘The Girl in the Mirror’, a supernatural thriller, is set to premiere on August 19, 2022, exclusively on Netflix, the streamer has announced.

‘The Girl in the Mirror’ follows Alma, who after losing her memory in a bizarre accident, tries to unravel what happened that day and regain her identity.

Her home is full of memories that are not hers, and both amnesia and trauma cause her to experience night terrors and visions that she cannot grasp. 

The official synopsis for the series states:

“After surviving a bus crash that kills most of her classmates, Alma awakes with no memories of the incident or her past. Her parents seem like strangers and her home is a place filled with secrets and mystery.

“She gets the growing suspicion that everyone around her is lying, trying to turn her into someone else. Trapped in a world that doesn’t feel her own, she must unravel the events that led to the accident before her true identity vanishes forever.”

The series is created, written and directed by Sergio G. Sánchez. The lead role of Alma is played by Mireia Oriol, while other cast members include Pol Monen, Milena Smit, Elena Irureta and Mario Tardon.

‘The Girl in the Mirror’ has been confirmed to be a ten-episode drama, with each episode having a runtime of approximately 60 minutes.

Check out the announcement:

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