The Garcias: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

The Garcias is an upcoming sitcom revolving around the Garcia family reuniting to spend the summer vacation together as they discover the true essence of being a family.

Release date

The Garcias will be available to stream on HBO Max from April 14, 2022. There will be ten episodes.

Cast and creators

  • Carlos Lacamara
  • Ada Maris
  • Jeffrey Licon
  • Maeve Garay
  • Bobby Gonzalez
  • Elsha Kim

Created by: Jeff Valdez and Sol Trujilo


“In the new series, we jump forward 15 years. The Garcia kids are grown up and now have children of their own, and we will see the extended Garcia family travel to the beautiful Riviera Maya in Mexico, a place full of self-discovery, where they will all learn what it takes to be a familia.”

Other details

The Garcias is a reboot of The Brothers Garcia, which was the first English sitcom to have an all-Latino cast and creative team. A significant chunk of original cast members will be reprising their roles.


The Garcias are back together for a two-month-long family vacation. While the kids sound super excited about it, not everybody shares the same feeling.

Together, the Garcias plan to have an enjoyable time in Mexico as they explore the Mexican food and culture while exploring the true meaning of supporting and loving each other as a family.

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