The Crown’s ‘royal invite’ for season 3

Netflix’s The Crown is all set to return for season 3 with a new cast.

The streaming giant released a video with The Night Manager’s Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II. Audiences will also witness Tobias Menzies in place of Matt Smith as Prince Philip. The role was earlier meant to be played by Paul Bettany.

Showrunners had confirmed earlier that the series will see a change of cast every two seasons. This was decided to depict real change that comes with age in the monarchy

The upcoming seasons will cover events between the years of 1964 to 1976.

Menzies told that the new season will cover the Apollo 11 moon landing in an episode along with Prince Philip’s reaction to it.

Both Charles and Anne will now be portrayed as teenagers with bigger roles. Erin Doherty will be playing the role of Anne.

Josh O’Connor is all set to play Prince Charles’ character at the time of him being a student. Additionally, his second wife Camilla Parker-Bowes will also be introduced this season and played by Emerald Fennel.

Fennel is also known for being the showrunner of the thrilling series Killing Eve.

Princess Margaret will now be played by Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter star Helene Bonham Carter.

Princess Margaret’s husband Anthony Armstrong-Jones will now be played by Ben Daniels. The actor is known for his work in The Exorcist and House of Cards. His character will be seen separating from the Princess in the upcoming season.

Netflix took to Twitter to announce the show “By Royal Decree”:

Season 3 of The Crown is all set to premiere on November 17. You can catch the glimpse of the new season with Colman as Queen Elizabeth II here:

Season four of the show is due for filming in August 2019.

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