The Bridge season 2: Release date, synopsis, trailer & more

The Bridge, a survival reality competition will return for a second season in the rainforests of the South China Sea,.

Release date

The show is set to air on HBO Max on June 30, 2022.


Presented by: AJ Odudu and Aldo Kane

Produced by: Workerbee


“The contestants in The Bridge will face the ultimate test of their physical and mental endurance in an adrenaline-packed, exhausting expedition.”

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Other details

The show is based on the popular Spanish television program El Puente, which was first created by Zeppelin TV. Rick Murray, Michelle Chappell, and Jon Cahn all contribute as producers.


The second season of the reality show sends competitors to Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay with no prior knowledge of the obstacles they are about to face. It involves not one, but two groups of strangers.

But only one of them will win a sizable monetary award, which is up for grabs. The two teams of strangers have only a few days to develop and build a bridge that will span about 1,000 feet between them in order to reach the reward.

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