The Boys season 3 episode 4 delayed due to technical issues

The latest episode of The Boys was set to release on Friday, 10 June worldwide but reports suggest that many fans have not been able to find the episode added to the streaming platform.

The episode titled ‘Glorious Five Year Plan’ was due to be released at midnight GMT and at the corresponding times around the globe as is customary with all releases on Prime Video.

Several fans have tweeted out their discontent at the delay while others who reached out to the streaming platform received a message asking them to stay tuned for updates.

Episode 3 ended with the Boys continuing in their search for the secret behind Soldier Boy’s death while Homelander has grown in confidence since his passionate birthday speech improved his popularity numbers.

Starlight is forced to accept his superiority and reluctantly work with him while the Seven have filled up the remaining spots on their team with The Deep and Supersonic.

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Some Amazon Fire TV Stick users have reported that searching for ‘The Boys season 3’ from the Fire Stick’s homepage has allowed them to find the new episode, but there is still no official word on when it will be available for the majority of the public.

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