The Billion Dollar Code on Netflix: Release date, cast and trailer

Netflix has released the trailer for the German biographical drama ‘The Billion Dollar Code’. The mini-series is based on true events regarding the creators of Terra Vision, the actual predecessor to Google Earth.

Release date

The mini-series is set to be released on Netflix on October 7, 2021.

Cast and creators

The cast of of ‘The Billion Dollar Code’ includes:

  • Seumas F. Sargent
  • Lakas Loughran
  • Mark Waschke
  • Mišel Matičević
  • Leonard Scheicher
  • Marius Ahrendt
  • Lavinia Wilson

Created by: Oliver Ziegenbalg, Robert Thalheim


The description for ”The Billion Dollar Code’ states:

From the hacker scene in post-reunification Berlin in the 1990s to the idealistic world of early Silicon Valley and the harsh reality of a multi-million dollar lawsuit, The Billion Dollar Code tells of a great friendship, loyalty and the question of justice in the digital age.

Other details

Terra vision was originally created in 1994, almost 11 years before Google announced the release of Google Earth.


Two German computer pioneers go to court to be recognized as the inventors of the Google Earth algorithm.

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