The Big Show Show coming to Netflix

The half-hour, ten-episode comedy series will star WWE Superstar The Big Show (Paul Wight), Allison Munn, Reylynn Caster, Juliet Donenfeld and Lily Brooks O’Briant. The production for the same will start on 9 August in Los Angeles.

The description for the show reads, “When the teenage daughter of The Big Show, a retired world-famous WWE Superstar comes to live with him, his wife and two other daughters, he quickly becomes outnumbered and outsmarted. Despite being 7 feet tall and weighing 400 pounds, he is no longer the center of attention.”

Josh Bycel and Jason Berger will take up the responsibilities of both Showrunners and Executive producers. Furthermore, Susan Levison and Richard Lowell will play the Executive Producers’ part from WWE Studios’ side.

This is the latest collaboration between Netflix and WWE Studios which is WWE’s multi-platform content division. It is responsible for developing and producing scripted and non-scripted series, documentaries and feature films.

They recently produced the film, Fighting with My Family along with MGM and Seven Bucks production. It was a biopic based on the life of WWE Superstar Paige and was a critical and commercial success.

The studio is also collaborating with Netflix on another project which is a family film titled, The Main Event. The Big Show Show is another addition to the ever-expanding section of family live-action series like Family Reunion, Malibu Rescue, No Good Nick, and Alexa and Katie.

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