Thappad (Flipkart Video): Fight back

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At some point, the ones being bullied lose their patience, Flipkart Video’s upcoming short film Thappad is all about standing up to bullies. 

The trailer opens up with a young boy talking about how someone has eaten his tiffin once again, to which his sister questions him as to why he didn’t complain to the teacher. 

The bullies also harass his sister by giving her love notes and catcalling her. 

The young boy is a big fan of comic books where the protagonist is always ready to protect and fight the antagonist. He starts to practice some fight moves at home when no one is watching. 

His protective instincts kick in and he’s trying to teach his sister the importance of learning how to fight back against these bullies.

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Screenshot from the Thappad trailer, Source: Flipkart Video Youtube

The trailer is all about a younger brother learning not to just protect himself but to also protect his elder sister. 

The short film Thappad is directed by Dr. Vinay Chhawal and is slated to release on the 19th of February.  

Thappad will be accompanied by the release of six other short films in an anthology titled Zindagi InShort, which will be available to stream on Flipkart video. Check out the trailer below:

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