Ved and Arya: Terribly Tiny Talkies’ take on “no-judgement” love

After the success of Kaande Pohe, which garnered over two million views on YouTube, Terribly Tiny Talkies recently released another short film titled Ved and Arya.

The short film features well-known TV actors Nakuul Mehta and Sanaya Irani as siblings Ved and Arya.

Terribly Tiny Talkies announced the release of the project with this post on Instagram:

In an interview, Irani talked about the short film as well as her co-star. She said:

It’s a sweet film with a big heart. Also, this project is special for more reasons than one as this film is full of firsts for me, including working with Nakuul who has been a friend for so many years now

She further revealed:

Working on this film was a fabulous experience. We had so much fun all through. The vibe and the energy of working with such creatively charged minds was incredibly joyful. I’m so glad to be Arya.

Directed by Ritesh Menon, Ved and Arya aims to explore the various hardships that come with dating in the modern world.

The short film will be about acceptance and celebration of love without any kind of judgement.

The 12-minute long film shows the dynamics of the siblings’ relationship as they talk about Arya’s relationship with the mysterious Aadi.

We won’t spoil the end for you! Check out the full movie here:

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