Netflix Italian series Summertime renewed for second season

Picturesque teenage romantic drama series Summertime is stationed for a second instalment, reported by Netflix.

Set in the summer hues of the Adriatic Coast, the first season of the web series explores interactions between two radically different lifestyles.

Summer (Rebecca Coco Edogamhe), a summer-hating, calm, intelligent, opinionated and introverted girl, falls in love with Ale (Ludovico Tersigni), a thrill-seeker, outgoing hotelier’s son.

The story follows the lives of two other teenagers Dario (Andrea Lattanzi) and Sofia (Amanda Campana), while the four, together, find love, life and everything in between. 

Details for the release date and plot of the new season haven’t been announced yet, although it is reported that Francesco Lagi is set to return to the coast as the director with Marta Savina. 

The first season comes to end with the end of holidaying the four returning to the real world, making career decisions and choosing their paths, while all strings remain intact. 

Summertime Season 2 will showcase how cool-collected Summer remains while in a long-distance with Ale and how Dario and Sophia balance between jobs and their love lives. 

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