Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Renowned British actress and TV Show host, Sue Perkins, goes on an over-the-top trip to South America to lock horns with middle-age monotony in this travel docuseries titled ‘Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal’. The show will see her experience activities that are borderline dangerous yet absolutely legal in the country she’s in.

Release date

‘Perfectly Legal’ will premiere on October 13 on Netflix.

Cast & creators

  • Sue Perkins

Created by Rumpus Media


“Sue is going around South America to experience some of the most bizarre, unusual and shocking activities that are somehow PERFECTLY LEGAL in those countries.”

Other details

Perkins is famous for hosting the ‘The Great British Bake Off’ in the UK and has been part of travel shows before like ‘The Ganges With Sue Perkins’ and ‘Japan With Sue Perkins’.

For ‘Perfectly Legal’, she will be visiting Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, among other countries.


We hear a voice-over by Perkins talking about the monotony of life because of numerous rules and the human want of doing something crazy at all times. In addition, we see footage of her partaking in some crazy adventures across Latin America.

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