JJ Abrams’ ‘Subject to Change’ to premiere on HBO Max

JJ Abrams, known for directing ‘Star Trek’ and parts of ‘Star Wars’, is set to show write upcoming HBO Max series ‘Subject to Change’. The thriller web series will be based on Abrams’ original story idea.

The storyline of ‘Subject to Change’ surrounds a college student who agrees to take a clinical test, which takes him on a wild journey.

Jennifer Yale is to be the showrunner for ‘Subject to Change’.

Abrams stated:  

“It’s been incredible fun weaving this rather insane yarn with Jenn.”

Bad Robot will produce the show along with Warner Bros Television. “It will take viewers on an unexpected ride, showcasing the creative brilliance of JJ, Jennifer and the Bad Robot team,” stated Sarah Aubrey, Head of Original Content at HBO.

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