Steven Spielberg to spin a ‘super scary’ horror tale for Quibi

Jeffrey Katzenberg, founder of Quibi, confirmed that Academy Award-winning director Steven Spielberg is writing a horror story for the mobile-based streaming service.

Quibi Spielberg horror stort
Image source: Quibi

Having not written anything a while, Spielberg came to Katzenberg claiming he had a ‘super scary’ story in mind that he wanted to pen down and produce for Quibi.

Katzenberg also revealed at the Banff World Media Festival in Canada that Spielberg is well into writing his story which is being developed under the title Spielberg’s After Dark.

Adding a spooky touch to his upcoming work, Spielberg made a peculiar request for viewers to only have access to the chapters when the clock strikes 12 i.e. past midnight.

Quibi engineers have designed for a clock to appear on the viewer’s phone that will track the time according to the sunset and sunrise. When the time gets closer to sunrise, the show will be unavailable for viewing until the following night.

So far, he is five or six episodes into the ten or twelve chapter story. Quibi treats an episode as a chapter much like in a novel.

The show is set to release in early 2020.

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