Station Eleven: Release date, cast and trailer

HBO Max’s ‘Station Eleven’ is a sci-fi mini-series that follows survivors after a deadly swine flu virus that swept through the entire region and single-handedly vanquished most of the population. The web series has been adapted from the 2014 novel by Emily St. John Mandel.

Release date

‘Station Eleven’ premieres with three episodes on December 16 only on HBO Max. The show is to premiere two episodes weekly every Thursday.

Cast and creators

  • Joe Pingue
  • Mackenzie Davis
  • Danielle Deadwyler
  • Himesh Patel
  • David Wilmot
  • Nabhaan Rizwan

Created by: Patrick Somerville

Directed by: Hiro Murai, Jeremy Podeswa, Helen Shaver, Lucy Tcherniak.


“Station Eleven is a post-apocalyptic saga that follows survivors of a devastating flu as they attempt to rebuild and reimagine the world anew while holding on to the best of what’s been lost.”

Other details

Paramount TV will produce the show. The executive producers are Scott Steindorff, Scott Delman, Dylan Russell, and Nate Matteson.

The primary protagonist of the story, Kirsten Raymonde will be played by Mackenzie Davis.

The author, Emily St. John Mandel wrote:

“When I was researching and writing [the book], what I found myself thinking about all the time is how fragile civilization is, and how we should never take it for granted. It just doesn’t take much for things to fall apart.”


Twenty years after the deadly outbreak, a band of actors known as ‘Travelling Symphony’ explore the post-apocalyptic circumstances on screen, attempting to obtain a new purpose in the devastated world.

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