Concert special ‘Piano Y Mujer II’ premieres November 29 on HBO Max

HBO Max has announced a second part for the concert special and Sony Music Latin album titled ‘Piano Y Mujer’. The album will premiere on November 25 and the special will release on November 29 on HBO Max.

The special features pianist Arthur Hanlon, who unites with prominent Latin music artists. It has been directed by Maricel ‘Cha-Cha’ Zambrano.

Talking about ‘Paint Y Mujer II’, Hanlon said:

“A piano and a female voice are the ideal combination. When we recorded the first Piano y Mujer, we were looking to make beautiful, meaningful music, especially in the middle of the pandemic.

“The fact that the project resonated so strongly that HBO and Sony decided to release Part II is a testament to the beauty of the music, but also, to the power of cultural connection. Everyone featured is so different, we all represent different countries and cultures, and yet, we all make wonderful music together.”

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