Soulmates on Amazon Prime Video: Test of love

Amazon Prime Video has released the official trailer of the anthology web series ‘Soulmates’. The story of the futuristic show surrounds an AI test that can project the chances of finding a soulmate.

The show is created by William Bridges and Brett Goldstein. It stars Malin Akerman, Shamier Anderson, Kingsley Ben-Adir.

In this science fiction cum romance show, people take the soulmate test to explore their love. The series will have six episodes, each exploring a different couple and a new aspect of the search for the one.

Bridges, one of the show’s creators, has co-written ‘Black Mirror‘ and ‘Stranger Things‘. The upcoming series has been compared to ‘Black Mirror’ for its exposition of the dark side of technological advancement, shedding light on the basic questions of humanity itself.

‘Soulmates’ is set to stream on Amazon Prime Video from February 8.

Catch the trailer of ‘Soulmates’ here:

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