Singa Penne part 2 on ZEE5: Mahalakshmi’s tale of bravery

ZEE5 has released the trailer for ‘Singa Penne’ part 2. It is an original Tamil drama series starring Arnaav, Paayal Radhakrishna, Udhaya, and Kutty Padmini.

‘Singa Penne’ is remake of the Marathi show ‘Lagira Zhala Ji’. This romance, drama and action packed show, portrays the story of a strong woman character overcoming all hurdles to reach her goals.

The official synopsis for part 2 of season 1 says:

“The story revolves around Mahalakshmi, an independent village girl, who is determined to break stereotypes and train herself to join the Border Security Force. Can she find success? What’s Mahalakshmi’s motive behind joining the security force?”

Its part 1 aired on December 22, 2020, featuring Paayal Radhakrishna and Arnav in the lead role. It was directed by R. Pavan and produced by actress Kutty Padmini.

ZEE5 Global has announced a line-up of new original releases for February 2021 which include ‘Lahore Confidential’, ‘LSD’, ‘Yaara’, ‘Crashh’, ‘Dev DD 2’, ‘Jamai 2.0’, and a non-fiction music show – ‘Indian Pro Music League’.

Watch the trailer of ‘Singa Penne’ season 1 part 2 here:

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