“Once my bat stops, my commentary will begin”: Shikhar Dhawan on BwC

The latest episode of YouTube Originals’ Breakfast with Champions (BwC) brought together two celebrated Indian batsmen: Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma.

Hosted by Gaurav Kapur, the episode takes the audiences on the professional and personal journey of the two cricketers as they discuss their early years, families, flaws, inside jokes and more.

Both Sharma and Dhawan appeared relaxed as their wives and Dhawan’s son Zorawar Dhawan watched them get candid. Kapur began the episode by asking Zorawar fun questions about cricket and his dad before the start of the actual interview.

Throughout the episode, he maintains his signature conversational style of interviewing which brings out the candidness in his interviewees.

Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma

The boys recalled their early days in cricket as Sharma mentioned that he was about 16 or 17 when they first met each other. “He always had an aura, he still has his own style”, Sharma said while describing his fellow opening batsmen.

As they spilt details about one another, Sharma revealed: “I always have to give him my socks,” due to Dhawan’s forgetful nature.

While Dhawan admitted that he forgot his suitcase once while he was on a tour to Chennai, he also disclosed that Sharma “once forgot his passport in the flight”.

"Once my bat stops, my commentary will begin": Shikhar Dhawan on BwC 1
Image Source: OakTree Sports YouTube Channel

As they took their banter ahead, both cricketers confessed about not thinking too much about the future in terms of their age.

While Sharma admitted, “I go by the flow” and that it is important enjoy the present, Dhawan jokingly declared his possible future plans by saying: “once my bat stops, my commentary will start; my sense of humour is strong”:

The two batsmen also discussed their family dynamics as they spoke about the closeness between their wives and kids. Dhawan stated that sometimes watching his kids play around with Sharma and sitting with family brings the required positive change in energy.

Dhawan also sportingly admitted that his English skills need improvement and that his wife is his teacher for the same.

You can watch the latest episode here:

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