Netflix’s Sex Education season 3 announced

Sex Education, Netflix’s angsty teen comedy with hints of extreme drama is returning for season three.

Netflix dropped a teaser surprisingly starring Alistair Petrie who plays Principal Groff.

The teaser is quite enjoyable as it follows Principal Groff walking around an art gallery with paintings of the major characters displayed.

Groff states that he’s not the principal for the duration of the teaser, he’s more of an “art historian” who is going to examine the gallery. 

Groff’s descriptions of the characters’ paintings are funny and his subtle delivery makes them even more humorous. Groff describes the titular character Otis as “an arousing wheel of Brie” and he describes Dr. Jean Milburn as “A pomegranate, a symbol of fertility”. 

Fans across social media are very excited for season three of their favourite show.

Some fans are hoping for some more Eric and Adam. 

Some are screaming for Maeve and Otis.

Some want the inclusion of new and diverse characters. 

Lastly, some are also expressing their disdain for a particular character introduced in season 2. 

Overall, fans are more than ready to go through the emotional roller coaster which the new season will bring.

Season two has a powerful ending with the iconic scene of all the young women in the show comforting their friend, a survivor of a form of sexual assault. 

Sex Education has been given props for the way it handles teen emotions, mental health, sexual health, sexual assault, and its diverse cast. 

2021 can’t come fast enough, while you wait go ahead and stream seasons one and two on Netflix now. 

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