Gujarati film ‘Sex Education’ encourages awareness and consent

Eros Now has launched the trailer for ‘Sex Education’, a Gujarati film. Helmed by Pranav Patel, the film stresses on the importance of exactly what the title suggests.

Initially released in 2018, ‘Sex Education’ is finally up for streaming on Eros Now. The film stars Sanjay Prajapati, Haresh Dagia, Samarth Sharma and Divya Bhatt.

The narrative follows Manav, an aspiring school teacher who finds it necessary to educate his students on the various complexities of sexuality, an education that he finds severely lacking.

Manav several challenges from the misconceptions and tongue-in-cheek jokes that students react with, to the regressive reception from parents. Different ideas and opinions clash, and Manav finds himself in serious threat.

“Presenting a story that emphasizes not only on the importance of sex education but also on the other aspects like love, liberty and consent,” reads the official description of the film.

Watch the trailer of ‘Sex Education’:

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