Sentinelle on Netflix: Gripping revenge thriller

Netflix has released the trailer for the combat action film ‘Sentinelle’. It is directed by Julien Leclercq and stars Olga Kurylenko on the lead role as a French army combatant back home after a transfer. It is set to release on Netflix on March 5.

The trailer shows French soldier Klara (Kurylenko) being transferred back to her home in Nice, France, as an insurgent member of the Operation Sentinel.

She has had a difficult experience in the horrific war in Syria, and now seeks to boost her mental-welfare and find peace, with her mother and sister.

Klara is taken by surprise when she finds her sister Tania thrown in a beach in a miserable condition, and comes to learn that she has been sexually assaulted. The prime suspect Yvan Kadnikov belongs to an affluent and powerful family.

The embittered Klara, who proudly asserts that she has been in top-ranked officer in the Academy, swears to crush the perpetrators of her sister’s assault.

Catch the trailer of ‘Sentinelle’ here:

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