School of Chocolate: Release date and trailer

School of Chocolate is a reality series hosted by renowned chocolatier, Amaury Guichon, as he puts forth several challenges to 8 professionals in the art of pastry and chocolate making.

Release date

All episodes of ‘School of Chocolate’ will premiere on Netflix on 26 November.

Cast and creators

  • Amaury Guichon

Produced by: Peter Cameron, Adam Cohen, Andrea Richter, Jeanne Begley, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti


“Eight pros study the art of chocolate under the tutelage of a famed chocolatier. But only one will be best in class and win the chance of a lifetime.”

Other details

Amaury, on top of being a viral chocolatier sensation, also owns a pastry school in Las Vegas.


The contestants marvel at Amaury’s magnificent creations and get to work themselves as they aim to come ut on top in the end.

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